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An act of kindness

Why schools in Pakistan should teach students to be kind and supportive of each other rather than being stubborn and jealous.   “Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” This quote really sums up how a goal can be achieved and harmony established between people, unfortunately in Pakistan,…


Stand up and face your fears

Discussing how to give confidence to students in Pakistan and also how to make them face their fears in school.   At a young age, it is easy to ignore our fears and just pray and hope that they’ll go away. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case. As a matter of fact, if you…


Top 25 Schools in Pakistan!

  Education is the backbone of a country. For a country to prosper, its educational system must be strong. Every year the government of Pakistan allocates a substantial amount of money for education. Unfortunately the government has not been able to make an impact however; the private sector has been more than successful. At the…

schools markets in pakistan

Schooling market: ever heard….?

Educational apartheid is rising due to increasing number of private school in Pakistan. Private schools are offering a very different level of education but at a price. As a result, rich people access these types of schools and others are pushed to go to (low quality) government schools. In this way, these schools provide a…


Unique Features of solyz

A whole new approach to school management… Education system forms the backbone of every nation. In recent times, advanced technology is extensively being used to revolutionize school management by streamlining education-related processes. We have designed a Next Generation School Management Solution, Online School Management System, to provide online interactive community portal to enhance the efficiency of school administration…