All Basic Plan Features

Teacher/Employee Login

Teachers can login and see there class schedules, request leaves, download payslips, add remarks and take attendance. A lot more features are there for other employees.

Student/Parent Login

Parent can keep an eye on their child’s progress in school and have full information on attendance, workload and report cards, fee vouchers by logging in at any time.

Payroll Management

Record and organize all employee details enabling quick access to employee information, and effective management of employee payroll and leave.

Finance Management

Use our state of the art double entry accounting system for all your donation/assets/liabilities/expenses/income etc needs. Create Profit Loss statement, or reconcile each entry.

Customizable Reports

Now have the chance to view your information, just as you want to. Software allows you to create, save and print your own customize-able reports.

Discipline Tracking

Record and track disciplinary events to ensure that students are held accountable for their actions. Reference them to ensure corrective measures effectiveness.

Student Transcripts

School have full access to customizing and making their own transcripts with ease. Thus, they can easily provide it to the students. Format it according to your printing need, fully customize-able.

Report / Grade Cards

Each teachers is provided with a gradebook which they can customize to their own liking, teachers can edit and enter grades for assessment easily at any time. Set your own grading criteria or format.

Messaging System

Send out texts or voice note messages to parents and teachers anytime, easily. Whether it is an emergency or any information regarding a subject. Automated absent/fee/result announcement to mobiles.