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Solyz School ERP product is a universal product which includes all possible features regarding school management as its “custom-built” feature is its core competency which reckons this product to be beneficial for all the educational institutions. This product has been designed to cater both the school management with enhancing the communication with all stakeholders simultaneously; where the former can keep an eye over the day to day school activities the latter can keep track of their children’s academic performances.

The product has been uploaded for the exhibition of its various features and anyone can have a look at it. You can create your on web based account and can download the product version from our site to get an overall view about our novel product. As already mentioned that our product possesses the feature of being customized, so it has been made “open source” which allows YOU to make amendments in it to improvise the coding of this software.

Our product is not just a single software entertaining a single feature, but it is an amalgamation of numerous softwares serving different departments of an organization.

What Solyz School ERP Can Do For Your Institute?

  • Quick & Authentic

    We have designed our product in such a way that it works at a faster pace which depicts its originality

  • SMS Integration

    This feature has given our product an edge over the other similar products in the market. With the aid of this feature, information regarding fees, attendance status, report cards and other school promotional activities are within you hands reach.

  • Data Protection

    Be rest assured that we strictly follow the “code of ethics of security” under which all your personal information is kept hidden from other viewers. To make this possible our team keeps back ups of your data at different places.

Enhanced Communication

Employees, Teachers, Students and Parent all can communicate through SMS, Email, In-Built Communicator. So if you need to share information, it is just a click away!

Every Platform Supported

Solyz School ERP can be used on all platforms, web, desktop, windows/android/ios devices. You will choose which is best solution for your school.

Zero Software Management

No Installation, no configuration, no hardware software management, no backup / restore required. All you need it to Manage your operations. We will do everything else for you.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support

    Since the data is updated and kept under surveillance 24/7, it can be accessed by the school administrative authorities at any time. Our Support Team is also available on daily basis.

  • Customized Product

    From creation of fee structures, rules and regulations to the formation of discount rules and exam types;our product is highly customizable as you can format this software according to your requirements

  • Automatic Updates

    As Solyz School ERP is hosted over the Cloud, all the updates will be implemented automatically without any hassle at your side. Along with the aforementioned features, we give you the bonus of getting free updates in the software; whenever there is a need.

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It has all the features what your school needs. You can have your own School Software in less than 5 Minutes. Do Let us know if you Like any other custom functionality.

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